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Choosing a Career: The World of Job
: Choosing a Career: The World of Job (10 )

: Choosing a Career: The World of Job (10 )



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Good morning. Today we are going to speak about professions.

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Lets remind some jobs. Look at the pictures and the professions. ( Professions)

Words from presentation: airhostess, (auto) mechanic, computer operator, dentist, doctor, surgeon, journalist, lawyer, librarian, fashion model, musician, photographer, police officer, engineer, estate agent, fashion designer, fireman, hairdresser, receptionist,

secretary, teacher, veterinarian, pharmacist, post man, worker, bricklayer, guide, seaman,

farmer, florist, judge, custom officer, baby sitter, DJ, driver, ballet dancer, clown, cosmonaut, businessman, driver, soldier, dentist, manager, messenger, lecturer, pilot, musician, butcher, sailor, waiter, hairdresser, baker, tailor.

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Listen to the questions and answer them. ( 2 )

1. Have you ever thought about your future career? Have you made any decision?

2. What do your parents and friends advise you to do as a job?

3. Would you prefer to work with your hands or with your brain? Are there any jobs you would or wouldn't like to do? What are they?

4. What do you feel about working with people? Name some occupations where you work with people.

5. Would you like to work with machines? Name some occupations where you work with machines.

6. Is it important for you how well-paid your future job is going to be? What is more important to have a well-paid but not very interesting job or a job that interests you but is less paid? Explain why.

7. Is it important for you to have a prestigious job? What jobs are prestigious nowadays?

8. What are you good at? Are you good at the things you like doing? Do you think these activities can help you in your future career?

9. Is it important for you to have a good career? What do you have to do to make a good career? What do people mean when they say "to make a good career"?

IV. .

Now, please, speak about professions you like or youve chosen as your future career


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Test ( Microsoft Office Excel , , )

1. A person whose job is to show a place to tourists

a. estate agent b. guide c. architect d. photographer e. journalist

2. A person whose profession is to attend and treat sick people

a. lawyer b. chemist c. doctor d. airhost

3. Someone who serves in the military forces of a country

a. librarian b. dentist c. soldier d. teacher e. editor

4. A person who finds out and writes about new events for radio and television

a. receptionist b. pharmacist c. hairdresser d. journalist e. designer

5. A person whose job is making and selling medicines

a. doctor b. surgeon c. nurse d. pharmacist e. physician

6. A person who cuts, washes and styles people's hair

a. hairdresser b. salesman c. accountant e. carpenter

7. A person whose job is to help people with the law or talk for them in court

a. librarian b. lawyer c. secretary d. fireman e. editor

8. A person trained to look after sick animals

a. veterinarian b. doctor c. physician d. chemist e. teacher

9. A person who does work to improve bad social conditions and help people in need

a. accountant b. nurse c. surgeon d. social worker

10. A person who welcomes or deals with people arriving at a hotel, at a place of business, visiting a doctor

a. airhost b. police officer c. receptionist d. musician e. explorer

11. A person whose job is reading the news on the radio and television

a. director b. announcer c. editor d. senator e. designer

12. A person who owns a travel agency or works there and whose business is to arrange travels

a. travel agent b. estate agent c. airhost d. fashion designer

13. A person whose job is mending or pulling out bad teeth

a. grocer b. doctor c. chemist d. dentist e. decorator

14. A person whose job is making bread or cakes to sell

a. baker b. butcher c. grocer d. nurse c. salesman

15. A person who teaches as a profession

a. scientist b. librarian c. secretary d. teacher

Keys: 1b, 2c, 3c, 4d, 5d, 6a, 7b, 8a, 9d, 10c, 11b, 12a, 13d, 14a, 15d.

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Today youve got some marks: for your answers and for your test.

Your home task is exercises 1 and 3 on pages 43 44.

The lesson is over, thank you. Good-bye.

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