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Song «If you happy»
Song «If you happy»


Бодрова И.В., уч. английского языка,

гимназия №1, г. Балаково

Song «If you happy».

I. If you happy and you know it

Clap your hands — 2 times

If you happy and you know it

And you really want to show it

If you happy and you know it

Clap your hands.

II. If you happy and you know it

Step your feet. — 2 times

If you happy and you know it

And you really want to show it

If you happy and you know it

Step your feet.

III. If you happy and you know it

Say "Hoorah"

If you happy and you know it

And you really want to show it

If you happy and you know it

Say "Hoorah".

- We have already learnt English for 2 years. We've known many interesting things about England and English people. They keep different animals as pets in their homes.

- Some people like cats, others don't but in Great Britain cats are very special animals. Everyone loves them and takes care of them. They give them nice names: Pussy, Albert, Snowy, Fluffy, Tom. There are a lot of poems about cats.

Dame Trot.

Dame Trot and her cat

Sat down for a chat;

The Dame sat on this side

And puss sat on that.

"Puss", says the Dame,

Can you catch a rat

Or a mouse in the dark?"

"Purr", says the cat.

* * *

Pretty little pussy-cat,

Sitting there upon the mat

Show me how you arch your back,

Pretty little pussy- cat.

* * *

Pussy- cat, Pussy- cat,

Where do you been?

I've been to London

To look at the Queen.

Pussy- cat, Pussy- cat

What did you do there?

I frightened a little

Mouse under her chair.

* * *

Three little cats

Went out one day

Not for a walk

And not to play.

They went to find

Some milk to drink.

Yes! They found some

Where do you think?

By every door

A jar they found.

They drank the milk

Without a sound.

- Now we want to show you the poem "Three little kittens".

Author: The three little kittens

Lost their mittens,

And they began to cry.

1st kitten: Oh, mother dear,

2nd kitten: We very much fear

3rd kitten: that we have lost our mittens!

Cat: Lost your mittens,

You naughty kittens!

Then you will have no pie.

(The kittens go away)

Author: The three little kittens

Found their mittens.

And they began to cry.

(The kittens run in)

3 kittens (together): Oh, mother dear.

1st kitten: See, here.

2nd kitten: See, here.

3rd kitten: See, we have found our mittens.

Cat: Oh, you're good kittens!

Put on your mittens,

And you will have some pie. (Give them pies)

But I smell a mouse close by.

All together: We smell a mouse close by.

Good- bye.

- For these 2 years we've learnt to talk to each other, and now listen

to a fable "The Fox and Crane".

(The Fox and the Crane appear before the curtain on the opposite sides of the stage and meet in the center).

Fox: Good morning, my dear friend.

Crane: Good morning, Foxy.

Fox: How are you? A haven't seen you for ages.

Crane: Thank you, I am all right.

Fox: I am glad to see you. Come and have dinner with me, my dear.

Crane: Oh, thank you!

(They away together).

(The Fox's house, a table and 2 chairs stand in the middle of the

room. The Fox and the Crane enter the room).

Fox: Here is my home. Sit down, dear Crane. Dinner will be ready in

a minute.

(The Crane sits at the table. The fox puts a plate with porridge on the


Fox: Help yourself, dear. The porridge is very good.

(The Crane pecks at the porridge with her/his sharp bill, but cannot

get a bit).

Fox: I hope you like the porridge, my dear. I have cooked it myself.

(The Crane continues to peck. At the same time the Fox begins to lap

up the porridge and soon there in nothing left).

Fox: Sorry, my dear Crane, but I have nothing else to give you.

Crane: Thank you all the same, I've had enough. Come and have

dinner with me. Good- bye.

(The Crane's room with a table and 2 chairs in the middle. The Crane

is busy preparing dinner. There is a knock at the door).

Crane: Come in.

Fox: Good afternoon, Crane. Crane: Oh, Foxy, glad to see you. You are just in time for dinner.

(The Fox sits at the table and the Crane gives him/her some soup in a

jug with a narrow neck).

Crane: Help yourself to the soup, my friend.

(The Fox cannot get at the soup. The Crane laughs and eats all the

soup away).

Crane: Sorry, my friend, but I have nothing else give you.

Fox: I am very hungry.

Crane: I was hungry after your dinner, too. Good-bye, dear friend.

Fox: We are no longer friends.

(He runs out of the room).

* * *

School isn't fun for girls and boys.

But it’s much better than the toys.

School is over; it's time to play.

We are happy all the day.

But we'll be back next year

To bring you good cheer

At every lesson of school year.

School Year.

New things to learn,

New friends to meet,

New songs to sing,

New books to read.

New things to see,

New things to hear,

New thing to do

The next school year.

Song "Holiday".

Come along, come along.

We shall sing a song.

Come along, come along,


Holidays, holidays,

It's very day.

Holidays, holydays,

We shall sing and play.

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