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"The Seasons"
The Seasons

The Seasons.



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: Good morning everybody! Well speak about seasons and flowers today.

Spring is now and the weather is fine.

P.1 Winter is white

Springtime is green

Summer is golden

And autumn is flame.

Four lovely seasons

To make up a year

Sing them by colour

And sing them by name.

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P.2 Spring is green

Winter is white

Autumn is yellow

Summer is bright


Winter: I am the coldest season of the year. My months are December; January; February. When I come all the rivers and lakes are frozen. Snowflakes dance in the air. The ground, the trees and the houses are covered with snow. The sun rises later and sets earlier than in summer. But when it sends its rays to the earth everything sparkles like diamonds. You will never see such a wonderful picture in any other season. Children sledge, ski and skate or go for a walk in the woods. They are fond of winter.

P.3 Its winter now, so bundle up tight

Warm mittens and caps will be just right

Ice on the lake, snow on the ground

Time to ski and skate all around

Winter, spring, summer, fall

I like winter best of all.

P4 When does snow blow

When do flowers grow?

Is it best to go a little slow?

When the streets are covered with snow.

P5 March brings sunny days and winds

So we know that spring begins

April brings the primroses sweet

We see daises at our feet

May brings flowers, joy and grass.

And the holidays for us

P6: Spring is dancing without rest

In a beautiful green dress

Flowers grow under her feet

Singing birds her coming greet.

Spring. I am spring. People call me the season of hope and happiness. When I come flowers begin to grow, green leaves appear on the trees .Birds come from the South and begin to build their nests. Then they feed their little ones Sky is blue, everything looks so bright.

P.7. Spring is here

Summer is near

Grass is green

So nice and clean

Winter, spring, summer, fall

I like winter best of all.

P .7.This springtime, this springtime

Cold winter is past.

Warm breezes are blowing

And Mays here at last.

The birds are returning

Their songs fill the air

With blossoms so far.

P.8. Lady Spring gave party,

The flowers by hundreds came

The Roses, Pinks and Daisies

And flowers of every name

The party was very pleasant

And everybody was very gay

When in the beautiful glade

They sang and danced all day.


P.9. Come flowers. Let us dance. Let us dance and sing as we go round and round in a merry ring.

A fairy-tale Flowers

Characters: Queen of Flowers, Snowdrop, Violet, Lily of the valley, Daffodil, Buttercup, Bluebell, Corn-flower, Sunflower, Poppy and Rose.

Setting: The Flowers meet in the forest. One the flowers have a meeting to decide when to come to the gardens and fields.

Queen of the Flowers: My dear flowers, spring is here. When are coming to the gardens and fields?

Flowers; We are coming, we are coming.

Queen of the flowers: who is coming first?

Snowdrop: I am first to come. I come when the snow on the ground. I have a white dress.

My name is Snowdrop. Dont you think I am pretty?

Violet: And I am come next. I dont like snow. It is cold when the snow on the ground, I like warm days. My dress is violet. And now, you surely know that I am Violet.

Lily of the valley: My name is Lily of the Valley. I think you all like my small white bells.

Daffodil: I come next. I am yellow like the sun. I like to dance in the in the wind. My name is Daffodil.

Buttercup: I am the last who comes in spring. I have a pretty yellow dress too. My name is Buttercup.

Queen of the Flowers: Here comes Summer. I am summer. My months are June, July, August.I am the hottest season of the year.The sun shines brightly green grass is everywhere.Children swim in the rivers lakes, lie in the sun, gather mushrooms.

Who are summer flowers?

Bluebell :I am the flower of summer .I am Bluebell. I am blue like the sky and my dress looks like a bell.

Corn-flower: Blue is my colour too. I grow in the corn and make the fields beautiful .My name is Corn- flower.

Sunflower: And I am like the golden sun. You can find me in the fields as well .My name is Sunflower.

Poppy: I come in summer too. My name is Poppy. I have two dresses- red and yellow.

Rose: All you know me very well and like my sweet smell. Cant you guess me yet? Yes, you can, of course. I am Rose. I have many pretty dresses- red, yellow, pink and white .I come when the sun is hot. Then I smell lovely and you know that I am here.

Queen of the Flowers: I see. Thank you dear flowers. Now you know when to come. So go to the gardens and fields and make them beautiful. Good-bye, darlings.

Flowers: Good-bye, good- bye.

P. 9. June brings tulips, lilies, roses

Fills the childrens hands with pose

Hot July brings apples and cherries

And a lot of other berries.

P. 10. The summer sun shines hot and high,

Baby birds now learn to fly.

Green, green leaves and tasty fruits,

All the things are so good,

Winter, spring, summer, fall,

I like summer best of all.

Autumn comes after summer. I bring fruits, vegetables and corn. Days become cool, the leaves turn red, yellow and brown .Everything looks so beautiful in its colouful dress. Birds fly to the south. The rains begin. One day you can get up and see that your town is covered with snow.

P. 11. Warm September brings us school

Days are shorter, nights cool.

Fresh October brings much fruit

Then to gather them is good.

Then November brings us joy

Turn for every girl and boy.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter (4 times)

Whats the weather like today?

Is it sunny?

Whats the weather like today?

Is it rainy?

Whats the weather like today?

Its quite funny.

How its changing.

Whats the weather like today?

Is it snowing?

What s the weather like today?

Is it clearing?

Whats the weather like today?

Is it going to be

Really very nice indeed?

Shining sun,

All sparkling sea,

Warm and dry with just a breeze

Among the trees.


Spring, summer, autumn and winter (4 times)

Yesterday the wind was blowing.

Is it going to be fine?

Spring, summer, autumn and winter.(4 times)

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